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Summer 2022

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Luchtbed 176 cm HonoluluLuchtbed 176 cm Honolulu
Discount price€15,95
Luchtbed 176 cm HonoluluHappy people
Luxury ride on 148 cm Watermelon
Water sprayer 216 cm RainbowWater sprayer 216 cm Rainbow
Air mattress 178 cm Ice
Discount price€21,95
Air mattress 178 cm IceJilong
Air mattress 151 cm French Fries
Luxury Airbed 108 cm Golden Shell
Waterstoel 158 cm RegenboogWaterstoel 158 cm Regenboog
Zwemband 53 cm groen/blauwZwemband 53 cm groen/blauw
Zwemband 108 cm Mozaïek (XXL)Zwemband 108 cm Mozaïek (XXL)
Zwemband 90 cm Mozaïek (XL)Zwemband 90 cm Mozaïek (XL)
Zwembad 250 cm JumboZwembad 250 cm Jumbo
Discount price€44,95
Zwembad 250 cm JumboHappy people
Zwembad 200 cm RelaxZwembad 200 cm Relax
Discount price€44,95
Zwembad 200 cm RelaxHappy people

Puddle Jumpers & Lifejackets

Safety can be tough too! A must-have for your kids during a day at the pool.

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You've seen this before..

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